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LCD Soundsystem Goes ‘Rock’ On New Single

LCD Soundsystem are firmly on a Rock ‘n’ Roll trip if the first taster from their forthcoming album is anything to go by. The single ‘Drunk Girls’ is an odd slice of mainstream Rock.

Brooklyn based artist James Murphy, aka LCD Soundsystem, not so long ago had a unique sound that borrowed the best bits of 80’s New Wave. You know, a dancey feel with a bit of an edge and some quirky arrangements that made his music sound sharp and, well, witty. The new LCD Soundsystem single ‘Drunk Girls’ on the other hand sounds like vintage mainstream Rock with a touch of nostalgia for the 70’s.

Watch The ‘Drunk Girls’ Video

Alright, ‘Drunk Girls’ is infatuated by David Bowie and - with a little stretch of the imagination - the Velvet Underground, which kind of saves the day here. We are not talking stadium rock, but the 70’s idea of a big rock sound. Murphy first showed a liking for straight, old-fashioned rock on the 2008 tune ‘Big Ideas’ from the soundtrack of the movie ‘21′. ‘Drunk Girls’ picks up where ‘Big Ideas’ left and adds more of that vintage feel. And then there’s Murphy’s acerbic lyrics which are good for a smile or two.

Still, taken on its own, ‘Drunk Girls’ is not an instant winner. Maybe it needs some context, so I am curious whether LCD Soundsystem can make this new Rock trip sound more enticing on their upcoming album ‘This Is Happening’.