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Marie Glad - Bedroom Stories Pt3

Mellow Balearic vibes open the final instalment in Marie Glad’s Bedroom Stories trilogy. Spanish guitar, a glockenspiel and layers of Latin percussion project images of white sand and turquoise waters onto your inner retina as ‘Blow’ slowly evolves. The Brighton-based Swedish singer is calmly wrapping up a trilogy which was three years in the making - At ease with herself and at her most relaxed.

Where ‘Blow’ comes over in a sultry 80’s way, all Sade-meets-Matia-Bazar, the next track ‘Arise (feat. Duvestar)’ ups the tempo and adds some gritty drums. Right from the start, an insistent piano riff propels ‘Arise’ forward in one majestic flow. All the while, the laid back break beat played out by the drums anchors the track on the floor. ‘Arise’ bears the signature of Glad’s partner and beatsmith Oisin Lunny (aka Duvestar), who can count Firstborn’s ‘Mood Club’ among his hits.

Glad keeps on dancing all the way through the closer ‘Imagine Skies’. But this is a different kind of dance, an intimate, slow swirling movement cut loose from the world around her. Dance on, Marie, “On and on, till I naked stand. On and on, till I love myself”. That this intense performance is driven by a solo piano only makes it all the more haunting.

‘Bedroom Stories’ is a trilogy of electroacoustic pop stories about love in all it’s dimensions and forms. Part one about love towards ‘Him’ was released in December 2010. Part two about love towards ‘Her’ followed in September 2011. In the third and final part, Glad opens the window to what she describes as her ‘inner room’ and finishes the trilogy with three songs about love towards ‘Oneself’.

The three tracks were produced by Glad together with Lunny and singer songwriter Luke Slott. The tracks were mixed by Jessica Corcoran (Maximo Park, Robyn Hitchcock). You can listen to ‘Bedroom Stories’ on Soundcloud and buy the songs on iTunes.